Get the chance to experience one of the oldest houses in Lebanon!!

This charming house was built in the 19th century in Zahlé, Lebanon by the Aleppo Basilian Monks Of The Roman Catholics to serve as a clergy house. With its thick walls made of mud and hay, and its strong roof of poplar tree trunks, mud, and hay, this parsonage survived World War I, World War II, the 1956 earthquake, and the Lebanese War. It keeps the temperature warm during winter and cool during summer. The house overlooks the city with 5 stunning arches. (see picture)

Zahlé, Lebanon 1878 زحلة – لبنان 1878
Zahlé, Lebanon 1885 زحلة – لبنان 1885

In family hands for more than 75 years, this charming house was renovated during the hardest time Lebanon had ever faced. The construction works started in 2019 along with the beginning of the Lebanese Revolution, and the economic crisis, which continued during the Covid-19 pandemic until the Beirut port explosion on August 4th, 2020 causing at least 218 deaths, 7,000 injuries, and US$15 billion in property damage, as well as leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. But through all these hard times, the house was accomplished with consistency, faith, and love and came back to life on August 2020.

And Kaliméra was born!!

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Our stunning Bougainvillea
The Living Room
The Living Room
The Living Room

Kaliméra consists of one living room, one kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Its vast balcony overlooks the amazing city of Zahlé with a breathtaking view. You will be inspired by the charm of Kaliméra’s Spanish Arabesque tiles, Lebanese arches, Colonial grid windows, Wooden bar, Turquoise old doors, white walls, and details… Every single detail took enough time, more love. “Details matter, it is worth waiting to get it right”

The Kitchen
The Kitchen
The Bathroom

By staying in this dazzling, warm, cozy house, you will have the experience to wake up in a magical Lebanese-made, Greek-inspired paradise and enjoy the good mornings… the Kaliméras!!

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom

Kaliméra is located in the center of Zahlé, Lebanon. Zahlé is located 45 km east of Beirut and is known as the “Bride of the Bekaa” and “the City of Wine and Poetry”, Zahlé is the capital and the largest city of Bekaa Governorate, Lebanon. It is famous throughout Lebanon and the region for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants, and quality arak. Kaliméra is 1km away from Berdawni restaurants and bars area, 3km from Lady of Zahlé, 5km from Chateau Ksara the oldest and largest winery in Lebanon since 1857, 14 km from Chateau St. Thomas, 19km from Anjar Citadel, 30km from Chateau Kefraya and 38km away from Baalbek Roman Ruins.

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The Balcony
The View

Kaliméra offers you the maximum comfort and the best Lebanese homemade food. Don’t forget to ask for the best organic Arak!

Yamas everyone!!

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Kaliméra’s Master Bedroom:

22m2 / Capacity per room: 2 / Max. Capacity: 4 (with extra fee)

The room has an individual entrance and private master bathroom, 1 King-sized bed with a comfortable mattress, and 1 sofa bed. An additional person could also sleep on the sofa bed for an additional fee. Its terrace has a breathtaking Cityview.

Kaliméra’s Twin Bedroom:

16m2 / Max. Capacity per room: 2

The room has an individual entrance and a separate private bathroom, 2 Double-sized beds with comfortable mattresses. Its terrace has a breathtaking Cityview.

Kaliméra’s Amenities

1. Essentials

2. Towels

3. Bed Sheets

4. Shampoo

5. Toiletries

6. Hot Water

7. Hair Dryer

8. Hangers

9. Iron

10. Electric Kettle

11. TV

12. Balcony

13. Free Wifi

14. Free Parking

15. Luggage drop off

16. Multilingual Staff

17. Cash Payment

Cancellation and prepayment: The cancellation policy is 50% non-refundable of the total amount.

Once you complete the booking by Whatsapp: +961-70916394, we will be in contact with you to take you through the payment process.

Kaliméra’s Welcoming Hours:

Check-in time: 2:00 pm / Check-out time: 11:00 am

Kaliméra’s List Of Rules:

  1. Guests and visitors should comply with the parking regulations and requirements and must show consideration for other vehicles in the neighborhood.
  2. No smoking inside the house. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in the ashtray provided in the backyard of the property. 
  3. No parties or events.
  4. No barbecue.
  5. No Laundry.
  6. No unregistered guests or visitors are allowed. The maximum property capacity is 4 people.
  7. Quiet time after 11 p.m.
  8. No eating or drinking in bedrooms. Please enjoy your meal in the dining room.
  9. Dispose of the garbage in the trash bin.
  10. Keep a close eye on your kids while being on the balcony.
  11. No pets allowed.
  12. Make sure to turn off the lights, air conditioning, and any electronics when you leave the house. Don’t forget to close the windows and lock the door. 
  13. Report any damages and/or breakages in a reasonably timely manner. Damages exceeding the security deposit amount must be paid by guests and will be reported to Airbnb.
  14. Wash the dishes, and throw out the garbage before checkout.